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My Sexy Kittens video – Planning the holidays

Sweet Sandra from My Sexy Kittens videos and her sweetheart are organizing their summer vacation. With all of those great places it is quite difficult to make a decision. Besides, discussing about hanging out in the tropics gets sexy Sandra in a naughty mood very quickly… Enjoy this fresh MySexyKittens episode and see some more nice and hard style pussy fucking getting done as this stud takes his time to fuck this sweet and sexy brunette today on the desk. IT seems that the two just said screw it to their study date, and they just went for a nice and hard sex session instead. So let’s see this show started without due shall we?

Sit back and watch as this scene starts with the guy kissing this cute babe, and see her spreading her legs for him to lick her pussy in the beginning. She’s just so cute and sexy and it’s no wonder that this guy just wanted to have his cock deep inside her sweet pussy today. Take your time to see her as she then lays on her back on the table, and see this lucky guy fuck this brunette babe with her legs wide open nice and deep. And at the end of their nice little fuck scene, he pulls out and blows his load all over her slim abdomen as well. We hope you liked it and do check out the past scenes as well if you want to see some more nice and hot galleries everyone!

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My Sexy Kittens – Ready to shoot

Is Kim from My Sexy Kittens videos pleased with her new position as a fresh model for free MySexyKittens? Without a doubt! The very last time she visited the sexy teenagers studio she’d her outfit off before our shooter could get his photographic camera put in place. This teen slut sure was in a rush to perform and show off just how kinky and naughty she can get today. So let’s not waste time as we bet that you guys are also eager to see the very cute and horny babe play with her sexy body just for you and the cameras in this nice and hot video that she brings you today. So let’s get started and see her in action without delay.

As the camera starts to roll, this babe can be seen wearing just her high heels, her thigh high black stockings and her pink set of lingerie with a bra and panties. And well, the first thing that she does is pull down her bra to show off her sexy and round tits to you before moving on, and sliding her big dildo in her panties teasing her sweet and eager pussy. Watch her fucking herself with it and see her going nice and deep with it as she slides it in. You can hear her make her cute moans as she pleases herself and by the time this video ends you basically get to see her as she is dildoing her nice and tight pussy fast and hard as well. Have fun and see you soon!

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MySexyKittens teen lesbians

Amelie Pure and her sexy teen girlfriend from MySexyKittens are best friends, and like all best friends they share everything – even sex toys. Cum inside MySexyKittens  and take a look at this free My Sexy Kittens video and see these hotties kissing and rubbing their tits softly at the beginning and roughly as they became more horny. And well what can we say. This is one of our hottest and best scenes, and we bet that you will just adore it without question. In this scene you get to see two lovely babes that we had here in the past as they share this scene fucking each other and they sure like to take their time doing their pussy pleasing as well for this afternoon.

They start off their lovely scene all dressed up as one might think, but these two cuties soon make quick work of their clothes to reveal those perky teen bodies that are always filled with energy and ready to play and be kinky. See them engaging in a nice and hot sixty nine as the blonde gets her pussy licked by the brunette, and the brunette in turn gets that wet pussy of hers penetrated from behind by the blonde with her nice and big purple dildo. Enjoy this superb and sexy fucking scene with them and have some fun with this sexy and hot lesbian fuck scene. And by the end they both made each other experience some nice and powerful orgasms too!


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Nicole Sweet pleasing with herself

This sweet teen is Nicole Sweet from My Sexy Kittens galleries. She has some adorable big tits and a smile that will blow you away. Not only she is cute she is kinky as well. Watch her having a nice time with her favorite dildo in her bathtub. Cum inside MySexyKittens for the entire episode and for much more other sexy teenagers going wild. Well this fine afternoon you would sure have tons of fun with this simply adorable and sexy red head as she got to play all by herself in the shower. Let’s get her scene on the road and see her in action as she has some solo fun pleasing herself for the cameras and you guys in this nice and hot afternoon!


This sweet and cute babe wanted to make sure that you get to see her sexy body exposed properly today and she was going to take her time showing off her sexy curves to you. You get to see her wearing her sexy pink top and her white and cute panties at first, but as she starts to play with her body, this babe gets more and more kinky and she starts undressing for you revealing more and more. Enjoy seeing her play with her perky round tits, and then see her making her way down to her pussy too. Watch her finger fucking herself nice and hard as she moans in pleasure and have fun with her very lovely and hot scene today!

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Marry Queen mysexykittens

Marry Queen MySexyKittens is a sexy, busty euro babe who just turned 18. She is on a chalet with her boyfriend and after a walk outdoors and some ice skating she needed some relaxing time. And what better way to relax than having a thick cock inside her craving mouth. Well this cutie sure had her priorities straight for the afternoon, and lucky for her her boyfriend was there to help her with it. It seems that she got rather naughty and kinky in the basement all by herself, and when the guy went to check for her he saw that his cute girlfriend was playing all by herself with her legs spread wide open in a chair in the basement this afternoon.

Well you can bet that he wanted in on the fun, and as he joins her finger fucking session, she takes out his cock, and just starts to suck and slurp on that man meat with a passion as she continues to please her pussy non stop. And once he was nice and hard, this cutie just had him plant that dick deep inside her sweet and now soaking wet pussy that was just waiting to be fucked. Enjoy as she moans in pleasure getting fucked hard style on the chair, and have fun with their lovely scene. Do make sure to watch it all as the babe and her man spent quite a lot of time fucking around all over the place for this nice and hot afternoon today!


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My Sexy Kittens doggy fucking

This naughty blonde from My Sexy Kittens videos sent us her and her boyfriend’s home made sex tape so that the all the MySexyKittens fans could get a glimpse at. She loves being watch as she gets shagged therefore she took this to the next level. And we bet that you will adore this lovely blonde with her scene today. We mean, just look at her, she is the cutest and most adorable and sexy blonde babe that you can ever hope to see, and this guy sure is lucky to have such a babe like her all to himself. Today you get to see them engaging in some nice and hard style sexual action just for you and we bet that you will just love it. So let’s see them in action.


As another fresh week started we just had to bring you this simply amazing and hot scene with the blonde babe and her lovely man as they fuck the whole afternoon. This cutie is always in the mood for a good fuck, and this guy never fails to deliver what she wants as he always likes to make sure that she has whatever she wants. Take your time and sit back and see her working his dick with her juicy lips in the beginning, and then see her bending over and presenting this lucky guy with her rear end. Enjoy seeing her moan in pleasure as she takes a nice and hard fucking from behind today and enjoy your stay. We’ll see you again next week!

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Amabella takes a proper pounding outside

Amabella from My Sexy Kittens is a hot euro teen that looks quite shy but believe me she is not. As soon our stud starts a conversation with her she was allover him, craving for his hard tool. Our MySexyKittens stud is not a dumb dude so he screwed her right there having no problem whatsoever. So since you guys loved the first babe as she took a nice and hard cock pounding outdoors, we decided to shoot one more scene like that. And so, we have this nice and hot gallery with a very lovely brunette and her stud of a boyfriend as they fuck nice and hard outdoors just for your entertainment this fine and lovely afternoon.

Like we said, the name of this sexy brunette babe is Amabella and she just loves sex. Well since her man decided to be a sweetheart and give her this potted plant she decided to have him fuck her outdoors as she fantasized about it quite a lot of times until now. So just watch them going at it today, and see this cutie sucking and slurping on that cock with a passion to get the guy nice and hard for her sweet pussy, and then see her spreading those nice and long sexy legs to take her pussy pounding by the fountain today. We hope that you loved it and we will be seeing you next week as always, with many more fresh and hot scenes to see!


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Patricia craving for an anal

My Sexy Kittens videos brings you teen Patricia, an euro babe who just turned 18 but is a nasty as hell. She loves getting shagged by older dudes and that is what we gave her. Our MySexyKittens stud  offered her a rough anal banging that she’ll remember for a long time. Patricia here is not a babe that will take no for an answer, and if she demands you fuck her anally then that’s exactly what you are suppose to do without delay. And that’s exactly what she wanted from this stud in the evening this time. She was going to have herself some nice and hard anal and he was going to be providing it for her no matter what.


As her scene starts, you get to watch the curly haired babe as she goes straight for his cock and starts to lick it and kiss it before she wraps her luscious lips around the big piece of man meat. After she got him nice and hard, you get to see our lovely babe here as she takes her spot on top of this lucky guy’s nice and big cock as she slides that cock nicely in her sweet pussy and you can’t miss seeing her bouncing up and down his cock. And of course after the pussy pounding, the lovely babe also desired some anal that the guy didn’t fail to deliver. Have fun watching her as she takes that cock in her tight little ass as well and see her moaning in pleasure today.

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Cindy MySexyKittens

Cindy MySexyKittens is a hot and always horny blonde chick and when she has the chance to get laid she never miss it. That is what happened today when she saw a nice dude struggling to brake in to a car. She did not call the police however the poor dude did not get away that easy. He has to fuck the shit out of this euro whore and also offering her his warm nutt juice! You can rest assured that this very lovely and sexy blonde is experienced enough to handle cock all by herself and this guy sure didn’t mind letting the cutie have her fill of his nice and big cock this nice afternoon as well. Have fun and let’s get this show on the road.

The scene starts with the sexy teen Cindy as she takes off this guy’s pants to reveal that nice and big cock of his in all it’s glory. And she was very eager to get to work on it as well. Don’t waste anymore time and just sit back and watch the loveable babe as she sucks and slurps on that hard cock with a passion and enjoy seeing her deep throat it as well today. Of course she wanted a nice and hard pussy pounding as well which the guy delivered, but by the end she pulled his cock out to suck it some more and get that nice and big load landing in her sweet mouth. Have fun with her getting mouthful of jizz and see you guys next time as always!


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My Sexy Kittens Amelie Pure

Amelie Pure is a stunning blonde euro teen from My Sexy Kittens videos which adores getting naked and having fun with the camera and with our MySexyKittens poor camera man. Watch her stripping her sexy clothes, rubbing her perfectly teen boobies and finally using a nice dildo on her butthole. Enjoy this sexy and cute blonde along with her nice and sexy scene today and see her as she displays her superb self pleasing skills with the help of her nice and big coral blue dildo for this nice afternoon. We’re sure that you will just adore this babe and her gallery and well let’s just sit back and see her in action without delay today.


Amelie Pure is such a sweet and cute blonde, and one still gets to be amazed how a cute babe like this one gets to still be single. Well she did say that she doesn’t like to be in a relationship since that would hinder her ability to get her serving of big cocks every day from random lucky dudes. Anyway, do sit back and watch her going wild in the bathroom as she takes off her panties and bends over to present you with a nice and sexy read view of her sweet pussy and ass today. Have fun seeing her fuck herself nice and deep with the said dildo and see her moaning in pleasure as she fucks herself today just for you. Bye bye!

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